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Best Kayak Tours

Autumn Blooms

Autumn Blooms by Emma Reid Here are a few flowers  that bloom in the fall that I identified the other day out on a swamp tour. Late GoldenrodSolidago altissima, L. Goldenrod’s piney-tasting leaves and flowers are an important medicinal remedy for the urinary, digestive, and respiratory systems. The goldenrod tribe encompasses one hundred species of late-blooming,…

Austin Kayak Tours- Our sister company in Austin, Texas

Lonestar Kayak Tours Opens in Austin Are you looking for the perfect thing to do in Austin, Texas? Lone Star Kayak Tours brings you the very best, with something to suit all interests and needs. Now open in Austin, this is your chance to book the vacation of your dreams. Make Austin Your Next Kayaking Venture

Brew City Kayak Launches in Milwaukee

Brew City Kayak will offer kayak tours, kayak rentals, and paddleboard rentals in Milwaukee, WI this Summer. Milwaukee has long needed more outdoor activities to do in the warm season and Brew City Kayak has answered the beckoning call. Opening Memorial Day weekend, the new outfitter will be open daily through September. Located in Walkers…

Kayaking New Orleans

Kayaking New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours has became so popular that we’re helping our good friends open up a new company, Hidden Adventure Tours. Kayaking New Orleans and the area surrounding the crescent city, mainly swamps, is a must-do when visiting New Orleans but there are so many waterways and swamps to…

Honey Island Kayak Swamp Drone Footage

It was a little tighter in the swamps to get drone footage, so we have to keep something for a surprise!

Manchac Kayak Swamp Tour Drone Footage

A quick little video showing a glimpse into the Manchac Kayak Swamp Tour.  We can’t show you the whole thing 😉