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voodoo princess

Veiled Whispers: Voodoo Secrets in the Swamp

In the heart of the Louisiana swamps, where Spanish moss drapes like ethereal curtains and the bayou whispers ancient secrets, there exists a tale that transcends the boundaries of the natural and supernatural – a tale steeped in the mysticism of voodoo. Legend has it that deep within the Barataria Preserve, an old voodoo priestess…

Julie White- Haunted Louisiana swamp by Voodoo Priestess

The Haunted Swamp by a Voodoo Priestess The Voodoo priestess Julie White was more reclusive than most, although no less feared. It was said that White enjoyed trying to predict the demise of surrounding towns as she sat on the porch of her swamp shack, where she spent much of her time. She would also…