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New Orleans funny memes

Funny memes about New Orleans life

Top 5 animals of the swamp and their celebrity doppelgangers

My top 5 swamp animals & their celebrity look-a-likes.                        by: Jeffrey Chitek    Nutria Rat.  Even though they are not native to Louisiana and have become a very threatening environmental nuisance to our fragile coastal ecosystem over the years,  there is something lovable about…

Collect memories, not things.

Kayak Swamp Tours make great Holiday Gifts and memories. There is a lot of research that shows, experiences make better gifts than things. These experiential gifts create the “waiting period” which is the time after people receive the gift, they have good feelings up until the time they experience it as they wait for the…


Kayaking Guide Meme I would switch around squares 1 and 2 and the “what I actually do” box is obviously way off base but otherwise this is a funny meme I guess.  Guiding tours through the swamp makes my mother worry sick.  I picture her being violently awoken from a quiet mid-day nap imagining the…