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New Orleans Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party Planning


Bachelor / Bachelorette Party Planning

by Jeffrey Chitek


They can be spotted from a half mile away…a loud faceless herd of matching t-shirts and corny genitalia themed regalia…out of place, probably uncomfortable if it weren’t for the mass consumption of Coors Light and colorful shots.  Vacationing bachelor/ bachelorette parties…some find them unbearable.. but I love them!  I don’t see a problem with traveling to a fun destination with a group of your closest friends to celebrate a major life event and accomplishment of maturity.  Get wild, do thing that you wouldn’t usually do!  Create memories, and consume enough booze to have an honest late night moment with your best friend from high school that you haven’t talked to in 10 years.

New Orleans is certainly a desirable venue for this debauchery. In fact it made #1 on the list of a number of wedding websites!  The city never sleeps, bars never close, parades pop up out of the sewers, loud horns muffle the sounds of perverse conversation, and there are plenty of activities to accommodate large groups.  Ghost tours, music venues, museums, kayak swamp tours and a new offering is on its way. is perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties.  It is a 40 foot pontoon boat with a 20 person capacity, a bathroom on board, and….its pedal powered!  Drink, laugh and pedal into the beautiful Bayou Bienvenue region within an uber ride of downtown New Orleans.  It is truly a unique experience and the first of its kind in the entire state!  Check out our these fun bachelor party planning tips for your party from them.