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What is the best Swamp Tour near New Orleans?

Alligators mating in new orleans

The Best eco-friendly Swamp Tour in New Orleans

  1. A Kayak tour
  2. An Airboat tour
  3. A motorboat tour

There are many ways to get into the louisiana swamp.  Each has it pros and cons.  As well, as there are many areas where these tours go.  Here is a quick cheat sheet to finding the tour that works for you.

Airboat Swamp Tour

Pros: Adrenaline, fast and wild . Lazy, no work required.

Cons: Scares away plenty of wildlife, Really, really, really loud. Lazy, no work required. Not covered.

Motorized Swamp Tour

Pros: Covered, can cover a decent amount of area, Lazy, no work required.

Cons:  Crowded, can be packed on a boat with 30+ people, A lot of motorized swamp tours feed animals marshmallows and hotdogs. Can be 2-stroke motor stinky. Lazy, no work required

Kayak Swamp Tour

Pros: Small group size, quiet, work-off all the food you ate all week. Can be wild, spooky fun with the Honey Island Kayak Swamp Tour with broken down house boats and as it returns to a wild bar.  Can be quiet, secluded and a natural wonder with up close animal encounters (heron, turtles, frogs, baby alligators) with the Manchac Mystic Kayak Tour

Cons: Not covered, so if it rains, you are getting wet.  Location can be dependent on water levels.

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