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New Orleans poetry

Poetry by New Orleans Local Guides about their experiences in the city and in the swamps.


A list of things not to do in the swamp for the most enjoyable experience and also your general safety. by Jeffrey Chitek   I’ve taken thousands of people, (of widely varying intelligence) from all over the world into the swamps of Louisiana.  Fortunately, no one has been seriously injured, as I am a savant…

Southern Louisiana. ‘Our Natural History in Verse’

Southern Louisiana ‘Our natural history in verse’ by Josh Jack A land shaped in a welter of silt and mud churned from the heart of the continent by the Mighty Mississippi: gouged by rivers, bayous, and canals, and stitched together by the knees of the Bald Cypress. When the floods came they heaped and scoured…

New Orleans Guide / Artist Ray Swaney

My name is Ray Swaney and I live to create art, representative, surreal, cubist, and completely abstract.  I am also a poster designer, and a slam poet.  Feel free to check out my online art blog for some art, poetry, and large temporal gaps between blog entries.  Cheers