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  • Only open during summer

Honey Island Extended Swamp Adventure

Quick Details

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Start Time: 1 pm
Person All Ages

Honey Island Kayaking

This tour is for the adventurous type looking to really submerse themself into the swampy landscape of Southeastern Louisiana. From start to finish, the tour itself lasts about 4 hours. The kayaking is not too strenuous, as the entire tour goes along with the flow of the Porters and Pearl River. Along the way, the tour will stop at beautiful sandbars for swimming, rope swings for swinging, and evening a picnic lunch on horseshoe beach. The Honey Island area is known for its towering, dense cypress forests and fine grained sandy beaches. This is the ideal excursion during Louisiana’s warm spring and summer months. Bring a swimsuit!

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