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Austin Kayak Tours- Our sister company in Austin, Texas

Lone star kayak tours

Lonestar Kayak Tours Opens in Austin

Are you looking for the perfect thing to do in Austin, Texas? Lone Star Kayak Tours brings you the very best, with something to suit all interests and needs. Now open in Austin, this is your chance to book the vacation of your dreams.

Make Austin Your Next Kayaking Venture

If you haven’t kayaked in Austin before, you want to add it to your list. This is the home of the mermaid of San Marcos, Meghan Parker and the Austin Bat Bridge. You’ll get scenic views, historical landmarks, and rushing waters all at the same time.

Lonestar Kayak Tours may have only just opened in Austin, but our tour guides and staff have been around the area for a lot longer. We know all about the best places to go and the best rivers to be on throughout the year. Our tours will take around two hours to complete, meaning you’ll get one hell of a workout.

Bat Bridge or San Marcos River

Lonestar currently has two kayaking tours available. Both are handpicked to make sure you get everything you could possibly need from your adventure vacation.

Austin Bat Bridge is the home of the largest urban bat colony known to man. The sights and sounds are so much better than the documentaries, as you witness the home of 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats. This really should be one of the Wonders of the World.

Meanwhile, San Marcos River is the perfect spot for year-round fun. The water is always 72 degrees, whatever the temperature in the air! You’ll start 15 minutes downstream, away from everyone else. This is your chance to experience the nature and view all the picturesque sights of Austin.

Book in Advance So You Don’t Miss Out

You’ll want to book your Austin kayak tours as soon as possible. Lonestar Kayak Tours is quickly booking up, especially for the warmer months. You don’t want to miss out on the adventure of a lifetime.

Don’t worry about your kayaking skills. The guides are patient and have worked with people of all skills and experience, and there are paddleboard tours available if this is something that interests you more. This is about making your adventure vacation flow like a dream.

Book your Austin kayak tours with Lonestar through the website or by phone. Let Lonestar inspire your love for nature and take you places you have only ever dreamed.