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Swamp Sagas and Fables

Delve into the mystical tales of the swamps with our Swamp Sagas and Fables tours. Navigate through the waterways as our guides share captivating stories, folklore, and legends that echo through the heart of Louisiana’s wetlands.

Thomas Jefferson’s Intrigue with Barrataria Preserve: A Historical Odyssey

In the annals of American history, one might not immediately associate Thomas Jefferson with the mysterious allure of the Barrataria Preserve. However, this founding father’s fascination with this unique landscape unfolds as a captivating chapter in the exploration and appreciation of the natural world. Jefferson’s Enigmatic Yearning for Nature Beyond his renowned political prowess, Thomas…

Veiled Whispers: Voodoo Secrets in the Swamp

In the heart of the Louisiana swamps, where Spanish moss drapes like ethereal curtains and the bayou whispers ancient secrets, there exists a tale that transcends the boundaries of the natural and supernatural – a tale steeped in the mysticism of voodoo. Legend has it that deep within the Barataria Preserve, an old voodoo priestess…