Bayou tour in New Orleans

Adventure Raft Swamp Speed Boat Tours Coming Soon!

New Orleans adventure swamp boat tour

Coming soon to New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours are the Adventure Boat Swamp Speed Boat Tours! The boat can take groups up to 6 people and tours last ~2 hours on the water. Super fun and not nearly as noisy as an airboat. We also don’t feed the wildlife!

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The best swamp tour for your family

kayak tour in cypress swamp

A family tour that will please When exploring the Bayou of Louisiana there are many different choices for things to do. There is a lot to do, see and drink in the French Quarter, but there’s also so much to explore outside of it! Experience a colorful side outside of the quarter, a kayak swamp…

What is the best Swamp Tour near New Orleans?

Alligators mating in new orleans

The Best eco-friendly Swamp Tour in New Orleans A Kayak tour An Airboat tour A motorboat tour There are many ways to get into the louisiana swamp.  Each has it pros and cons.  As well, as there are many areas where these tours go.  Here is a quick cheat sheet to finding the tour that…

Kayaking New Orleans

Alligator eye

Kayaking New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours has became so popular that we’re helping our good friends open up a new company, Hidden Adventure Tours. Kayaking New Orleans and the area surrounding the crescent city, mainly swamps, is a must-do when visiting New Orleans but there are so many waterways and swamps to…