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New Orleans swamp tour reviews

Sitting in your office three months prior to your 3 days of things to do in New Orleans, you are asking yourself, “Which swamp tours are the best?”   With all of the options for swamp tours out there on trip advisor, yelp, and instagram, make sure to do a little homework beforehand.  Take a look below to help you decide which swamp tour is the best.

What makes swamp tours awesome!

  1. Capturing memories, come away with some amazing photos of you and your partner with some wildlife in the background.
  2. Exercising, you know how much you eat on vacation, here is a chance to work a little of it off.
  3. Feeling a sense of freedom and making your own path.  Using a kayak you can wind through a cypress grove and have a great chance of approaching wildlife with silence and awe.
  4. Gaining a respect for the importance of the swamps from an eco tour guide.

What makes swamp tours NOT awesome

  1. Feeding the wildlife,  I often see photos of people feeding marshmallows to get alligators to jump out of the water for a photo opportunity.
  2. Holding the wildlife,  let’s not make pets of them and cuddle them like our new puppy.
  3. Sitting with no exercise for 2 hours on benches peeking over someone’s shoulder to watch alligators get baited. 20+ tourists crammed onto a motorized boat. You are a human, not a sardine.
  4. Listening to a motor scare off most of the wildlife.

Keep the wildlife wild

Honey Island Swamp Tour

Why the Honey Island Swamp Tour is Great!

  1. Variety; Swamp houseboats, old growth cypress trees, a rope swing & a river.
  2. Trash: On a positive note, it gives you an opportunity to feel like you made a small but important difference. Pick up a piece or a whole boatload on your tour, or come back to join our river clean up.
  3. The notorious Honey Island Swamp Monster possible sighting…
  4. River to swim in, during the hot summer months, swimming in the river mid way on the tour, is a great opportunity to cool off.
  5. Rope swing!

Why the Honey Island Swamp Tour isn’t Great:

  1. Highway noise can linger throughout this swamp tour, we do get far away from it, but you can often still hear it.
  2. Trash, the Pearl River and Old Pearl river funnel trash from numerous sources, this can be a wake up call for action!  Get WOKE people.
  3. A paper mill waste spill in 2011 killed numerous fish and wildlife, the river has rebounded with plenty of wildlife.
  4. Get your perspective flipped; gain a deeper respect of the need for environmental protection and start changing our perspective of the swamps as a dumping ground to that of an important filtering system for our groundwater and more!

Manchac and Maurepas Swamp Tour

Why the Manchac/ Shell Bank/ Maurepas Swamp tour is Great!

  1. Stunning beauty- Picturesque photo opportunities- Check out some drone video of the swamp tour area.
  2. Peaceful, although we start near the highway, the noise disappears on this tour quickly.
  3. Active wildlife – Wilderness Management area
  4. One of the closer swamps, so less car travel time.
  5. No motorized swamp tours operate here.
  6. Great kayak fishing Louisiana fish species.

Why the Manchac and Maurepas swamp tour isn’t great.

  1. No bathroom facilities at launch, there are bathroom facilities at the gas station just 2 miles down the road.

Bayou Bienvenue

Why the Bayou Bienvenue kayak rental / tour is Great!

  1. Stunning beauty- Picturesque photo opportunities- New Orleans city skyline is a beautiful view
  2. Peaceful, although we start near the highway, the noise disappears on this tour quickly.
  3. Active wildlife – Bird Migratory area
  4. One of the closest bayous, so less car travel time. Only 7 miles from the french quarter!
  5. Bathrooms available at the marina we launch from.
  6. Great kayak fishing of the Louisiana fish species.

Why the Bayou Bienvenue kayak rental / tour isn’t great.

  1. Trees are younger, after katrina wiped out this area, the levee now protects this area from too much saltwater intrusion.
  • Only 15mins from the French Quarter
  • Daily Tours

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