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3 of the Best New Orleans activities for couples this Valentines Day

A heart with a couple kayaking in the swamps in new orleans for valentines day

Best of New Orleans for couples by Jeffrey Chitek As a single male that spends most of his time at home behind a computer screen, avoiding the world and its women outside his front door, I find its my duty to provide a little list for the lovers out there of activities to keep the…

Top 3 outdoor getaways for your New Orleans vacation

What the spring version of the swamp looks like

Best nature retreats in and around Nola. by Jeffrey Cheesefish   New Orleans, Louisiana is greatly known for its history, architecture, music, culture and food.  Often overlooked during ones stay in our lovely city is the natural beauty and unique landscapes on the outskirts of town.  There are so many options when choosing a little…

Top 5 animals of the swamp and their celebrity doppelgangers

Christopher Walken, Yolandi Visser, Rafael Nadal posing for a photo

My top 5 swamp animals & their celebrity look-a-likes.                        by: Jeffrey Chitek    Nutria Rat.  Even though they are not native to Louisiana and have become a very threatening environmental nuisance to our fragile coastal ecosystem over the years,  there is something lovable about…

Best spots to visit within walking distance of your New Orleans convention


Top activities near the Ernest Morial Convention Center.       by Jeffrey Chitek The warehouse district of New Orleans is one of the cities hidden gems.  I mean it’s not actually hidden but overlooked as an attraction with most of the tourism traffic focused to the French Quarter.  During your next New Orleans convention,…

7 of the Best things to do in February in New Orleans


The February New Orleans things to do handbook By Jeffrey Chitek New Orleans in February is one of the social marvels of the world.  Carnival leads into Mardi Gras and there is virtually no stoppage time in between.  The city is made of color during this period. It is a pure celebration of life, love…

Top 5 classic New Orleans style homes

French Quarter History & Culture Walking Tour Image 4

5 CLASSIC NEW ORLEANS STYLE HOMES. by Jeffrey Chitek New Orleans is a unique place.  By American standards, it’s one of the oldest settlements in our country’s history.  A lot has happened here. New Orleans has experienced 4 different countries of leadership, slavery, a civil war, rebellion, emigration, and social and political corruption and unrest. …