Swamp Washington

The untold story of Swamp Washington by Jeffrey Chitek (only surviving family member of the Washington legacy)   It is in our nature as humans to omit details from our history, that is, to only disclose the parts that help our predecessors learn the lessons we believe they should in an attempt to manipulate the…

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Upstream Color

Upstream Color by Josh Jack A diesel spill in New Orleans this Thursday made front page headlines in the Times-Picayune: an estimated 4,200 gallons of diesel fuel was released when a cargo vessel collided with a pier near the Nashville Avenue Wharf. And yet, as Coast Guard helicopters circled overhead and fumes choked the boisterous…

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Salt Locker

Learn Something New

Salt Locker  Josh Jack   Below Baton Rouge, Louisiana lacks much topographical relief. Slender strands of high ground gird the banks of rivers, lakes and bayous (extinct and contemporary) where these waterways have built up natural levees in times of flood. Higher manmade levies might rear several stories high along the Mississippi and Atchafalaya, and…

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Walk it like a crawfish

Manchac Swamp TourWildlife

Walk it like a Crawfish by Josh Jack Louisiana loves crawfish; while we produce nearly all of the mudbugs consumed in the US —  roughly 100 million pounds a year — almost 75% of those are eaten before they ever leave the state (the rest go to Texas, but also to Mississippi, Alabama, and the…

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The Plagues to Come

Manchac Swamp TourWildlife

The Plagues to Come by Josh Jack   Apart from their striking beauty, the coastal reaches of southern Louisiana are some of the most productive and fecund environs on the planet, encompassing about a quarter of all the wetlands in the United States. Two-thirds of all the migratory birds in North America lay-over here…

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Jerf’s weekly review

Things to do in New Orleans

  Frady’s One Stop   There are very few places in the Bywater that have the neighborhood charm comparable to Frady’s One Stop Food Store.  Its basically a crowded hallway with a counter and a kitchen, but is a vital organ of the community.  Their kitchen serves the classics;  po-boys, beans and rice, macaroni, porckchops,…

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Benefits of kayaking

Benefits of Kayaking Interview of The Great Jeffrey Chitek by Abbey Wise    

Do you know of any physical or mental benefits of kayaking?

I am not a health freak at all.  I love red meat and I live in Louisiana, one of our nations fattest states, with…

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Butt-breathers by Emma Reid  

Sure you may think Louisiana has pretty mild winters, but do not underestimate how cold our swamps get with all that cool freshwater coming from up north. Dip your toes in from the kayak and you’ll see. Now, imagine being a turtle in Louisiana or even in Minnesota under…

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Autumn photo recap


Autumn photo recap by Ross Baringer   In the fall marsh marigolds draw butterflies into the swamps of the Ponchartrain Basin.   The red-shouldered blackbirds, who build the most intricate nests in the spring, spend the cooler autumn months gathering in noisy gangs sometimes hundreds of birds strong.   The ever-present bard owls take advantage…

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Ross Baringer, a Louisiana summer in photos

Manchac Swamp TourMeet a New Orleans GuideWildlife

Ross Baringer a Louisiana summer in color. The American alligator is undoubtedly the most famous resident of Louisiana swamps. Hollywood has given this animal a monstrous reputation, and while it is a dangerous predator it tends not to be aggressive. Alligator attacks are rare. One of the most common sounds heard…

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