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Popular Tours

Manchac Mystic Wildlife Tours

Starting at $59 | 2-2.5 Hours

If you are searching for a gorgeous, natural and picturesque kayak swamp tour – this is your tour! See dense cypress forest, expansive wetlands, and an array of wildlife surrounding you as you paddle on waters that are ideal for beginners and adventure seekers alike.

Combo Tours

Starting at $175 | 8 Hours

A Rich Cultural and Ecological Experience! Learn the history and importance of this unique ecosystem on an intermediate paddle through Manchac Swamp. Transportation to and from New Orleans and a Whitney Plantation tour included!

Other Tours

Kayak Tours

Starting at $59 | Tour Honey Island Swamp, Manchac Swamp, or Bayou St. John

Honey Island Swamp Tours

$65 per Person | Paddle Through the Honey Island Swamp

Walking Tours

$25 per Person | Tour French Quarter or Garden District & Lafayette Cemetery

About Us

On a New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours you will create memories exploring the beauty of the swamps and plantations with the help of our eco-guides. We aim to provide the best kayak experience for each and every customer that comes our way. Your experienced guide will take you on an sit-on-top kayak adventure you won’t forget!

We’ll make sure that you are having an amazing time on and off the water. Safety and fun are our top priorities. You’ll enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Manchac Swamp tour and the Honey Island swamp tour while learning about the unique surrounding ecosystem. The Gulf Coast ecosystem is the largest and fastest disappearing land mass on the planet. Come and enjoy these areas with us while you still can and learn what you can do to help save them!

Tour locations vary and are dependent on water levels and weather. We provide all necessary gear.  Ages 8+ and all abilities.

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Ross Baringer, a Louisiana summer in photos

Ross Baringer a Louisiana summer in color. The American alligator is undoubtedly the most famous resident of Louisiana swamps. Hollywood has given this animal a monstrous reputation, and while it is a dangerous predator it tends not to be aggressive. Alligator attacks are rare. One of the most common sounds heard…

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Understanding vs. Fear

Understanding vs. Fear Breaking down our misconceptions about swamps. By Ross Baringer   Swamps have carried a negative connotation and inspired fear for centuries, even in Louisiana where most of our culture is in some way connected to that environment. In literature and film they are often portrayed as dark festering areas full of evil….

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“Who hoots for you?”

“Who hoots for you?” by Ross Baringer You don’t have to spend much time in a cypress swamp to realize that every inch of the place is overflowing with life. Millions of organisms are whirling along the repetitive course of their little life-cycles – birth, life, death, rebirth rolling on and on in…

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We live for the opportunity to share our passion for the outdoors with you. Here at New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours, we love what we do!

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