Meet the Owners

David Rack

Co-Owner/Videographer/Entrepreneur of Adventure

Family huggingDavid has a little too much enthusiasm after drinking coffee and gets really excited about new ideas.  He has a young toddler named Poppy and another one on the way with his partner Jacqueline who is a yoga teacher with sun yoga bum. It is hard for him to let go of working in the business, but with great operations managers and amazing guides, he has found time to explore other passions and business ideas like “The Treemetery” an eco-evolution of the cemetery.

Past guiding experience: Maui kayak tours with dolphins, Dominican Republic kitesurf trips, Backcountry Skiing expeditions.  If you see him on a kayak any more he is probably standing on it.

Favorite New Orleans Food: Crawfish Boil in a park on a giant table.

Favorite outside activity: Acro-Yoga, there is a great acro-yoga community in New Orleans.

Michael Fischer

Co-Owner/Content Creation/Advertising

Fisch in front of a storeMichael keeps the ship sailing in the right direction.  He handles all of the content creation and advertising for New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours.  During the drone filming, Michael took the role of asset recovery as there was nowhere to land the drone, so he stuck his neck out and made a brave move to keep the video drone from falling in the water.

Inspiration for content creation: #Jerryoftheday

Favorite New Orleans Food: Po’ boy and a beer

Favorite outside activity: Walking “lucky” his dog.

Most memorable moment on the swamps:  Passing a sinking houseboat, Michael was brave enough and selfless enough to stop the tour and get the group to help make a chain to get the owner and the owners stuff out of the house.

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