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Reforest the cypress swamp with us and Common Ground Relief!


We have exciting news for you and our local swamp environment!  We have partnered with Common Ground Relief to offer cypress seedlings to plant while you are out on your kayak swamp & bayou rental.  Pin your location using your phone and come check on your tree every year.  What a great way to create a connection with the swamp.

The coastal land loss is one of the most important environmental crises in our day and age, threatening wildlife, people, and the economy in New Orleans, the state of Louisiana, and other states.

Coastal wetlands that are in good health help reduce flooding and erosion, provide essential habitat for wildlife, and support significant economic and recreational functions.

During your booking process when renting a kayak to tour Bayou Bienvenue you can add-on the ability to plant a cypress seedling!  Help bring back and save our wetlands!

a clear calm blue sky day at 2pm near Bayou Bienvenue .of a a Roseate spoonbill with wings spread

A Roseate spoonbill soaring over the bayou!