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Honey Island Swamp Tour

Explore the Honey Island Swamp with a kayak tour. Small intimate eco-tours showcasing the educational, historical, and cultural importance of the swamp hosted by local guides.
Located just outside of New Orleans, La.
The Honey Island Swamp is a marshland located in Louisiana in St. Tammany Parish. Honey Island swamp earned its name because of the honeybees once seen on a nearby island in the river.
One of the most pristine swampland habitats in the United States. The Honey Island Swamp is approx 20 miles long.
The swamp is notorious for the Honey Island Swamp Monster.

Benefits of kayaking

Benefits of Kayaking Interview of The Great Jeffrey Chitek by Abbey Wise Do you know of any physical or mental benefits of kayaking? I am not a health freak at all.  I love red meat and I live in Louisiana, one of our nation’s fattest states, with the temptation of fried chicken and lard baked…

A Louisiana summer in swamp photos

A Louisiana summer in swamp photo color. by Ross Baringer The American alligator is undoubtedly the most famous resident of Louisiana swamps. Hollywood has given this animal a monstrous reputation, and while it is a dangerous predator it tends not to be aggressive. Alligator attacks are rare. Eco-swamp kayak tours provide a great way to…

Understanding vs. Fear

Understanding vs. Fear Breaking down our misconceptions about swamps. By Ross Baringer   Swamps have carried a negative connotation and inspired fear for centuries, even in Louisiana where most of our culture is in some way connected to that environment. In literature and film they are often portrayed as dark festering areas full of evil….

“Who hoots for you?”

“Who hoots for you?” by Ross Baringer You don’t have to spend much time in a cypress swamp to realize that every inch of the place is overflowing with life. Millions of organisms are whirling along the repetitive course of their little life-cycles – birth, life, death, rebirth rolling on and on in perpetuity. Things both…

A river of trash…

Be a part of the solution Every year, around 28 billion pounds of trash finds it way into our oceans.  The infamous “trash island” know as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch alone is estimated to be greater than the size of Texas.  It seems to be common knowledge that these massive garbage clusters exist, but…

Kayaking New Orleans

Kayaking New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours has became so popular that we’re helping our good friends open up a new company, Hidden Adventure Tours. Kayaking New Orleans and the area surrounding the crescent city, mainly swamps, is a must-do when visiting New Orleans but there are so many waterways and swamps to…

Honey Island Kayak Swamp Drone Footage

It was a little tighter in the swamps to get drone footage, so we have to keep something for a surprise!