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A Louisiana summer in swamp photos


A Louisiana summer in swamp photo color.

by Ross Baringer

The American alligator is undoubtedly the most famous resident of Louisiana swamps. Hollywood has given this animal a monstrous reputation, and while it is a dangerous predator it tends not to be aggressive. Alligator attacks are rare.

a baby alligator suns it self on a log in the honey island swamp

Eco-swamp kayak tours provide a great way to observe wildlife without feeding them.


One of the most common sounds heard in the swamp is the deep croak of a bullfrog. Just like their French ancestors, the Cajuns of Louisiana consider frog legs a delicacy.

Many swamps are dotted with little wooden houses meant to encourage ducks to nest there. Beneath each house there is an upside down cone to keep snakes out; however, this intrepid gray rat snake has taken advantage of high water to get access to the tasty eggs inside.