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New Orleans Wildlife Tour

Wildlife seen on swamp tours in the Honey Island Swamp and Manchac Wildlife Management Area and Maurepas Swamp

Butt-breathing Turtles

Butt-breathers by Emma Reid Sure you may think Louisiana has pretty mild winters, but do not underestimate how cold our swamps get with all that cool freshwater coming from up north. Dip your toes in from the kayak and you’ll see. Now, imagine being a turtle in Louisiana or even in Minnesota under ice for…

Autumn photo recap

Autumn photo recap by Ross Baringer In the fall marsh marigolds draw butterflies into the swamps of the Pontchartrain Basin. The red-shouldered blackbirds, who build the most intricate nests in the spring, spend the cooler autumn months gathering in noisy gangs sometimes hundreds of birds strong. The ever-present barred owls take advantage of the receding…

A Louisiana summer in swamp photos

A Louisiana summer in swamp photo color. by Ross Baringer The American alligator is undoubtedly the most famous resident of Louisiana swamps. Hollywood has given this animal a monstrous reputation, and while it is a dangerous predator it tends not to be aggressive. Alligator attacks are rare. Eco-swamp kayak tours provide a great way to…

Understanding vs. Fear

Understanding vs. Fear Breaking down our misconceptions about swamps. By Ross Baringer   Swamps have carried a negative connotation and inspired fear for centuries, even in Louisiana where most of our culture is in some way connected to that environment. In literature and film they are often portrayed as dark festering areas full of evil….

“Who hoots for you?”

“Who hoots for you?” by Ross Baringer You don’t have to spend much time in a cypress swamp to realize that every inch of the place is overflowing with life. Millions of organisms are whirling along the repetitive course of their little life-cycles – birth, life, death, rebirth rolling on and on in perpetuity. Things both…

Why Are We Afraid Of Spiders?!

Why Are We Afraid of Spiders? by Jeffrey Chitek Being a kayak guide for over 7 years has taught me a lot about people.  You start to see trends in people; what makes them happy, what jokes make for a cheap laugh, how people communicate differently when working as a pair, and most of all, what people fear.  From my experience, what people fear the most, and are most open and vocal about…is spiders.  It became such a dominant and recurring theme in my misadventures that I started to develop my own theories and research on the topic. Its funny to me that something the size of a thumbnail could cause something 10,000 times its size to scream, shake and overturn their kayak.  We once had a lady who upon spotting a spider in her boat, jumped into alligator infested…

An Easter Egg for Louisiana Bird Lovers

An Easter Egg for Louisiana Bird Lovers by Ross Baringer   Spring is a season long associated with renewal and new life, and the egg has always been a symbol of that season. People have been decorating eggs as part of spring rituals since ancient times, as evidenced by engraved ostrich eggs found in Africa which…

Honey Island Kayak Swamp Drone Footage

It was a little tighter in the swamps to get drone footage, so we have to keep something for a surprise!

Manchac Kayak Swamp Tour Drone Footage

A quick little video showing a glimpse into the Manchac Kayak Swamp Tour.  We can’t show you the whole thing 😉

Arrowhead (Duck Potato)

Arrowhead — Sagittaria species Arrowhead was a favorite food of many Native North American tribes. All thirty some varieties or species of arrowhead (Sagittaria), members of the Water Plantain Family (Alismatacea), are edible and can be used in the same ways. Arrowhead is also known as duck potato, arrowleaf, swan potato, wapatoo, wappato, katniss, swamp potato, and…