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Kayaking Guide Meme

I would switch around squares 1 and 2 and the “what I actually do” box is obviously way off base but otherwise this is a funny meme I guess.  Guiding tours through the swamp makes my mother worry sick.  I picture her being violently awoken from a quiet mid-day nap imagining the perils of the Louisiana landscape and verminous critters and sharp-tooth monsters that I must be swatting off like flies to make a meager $20 tip from an italian man that might try to stab me for his money back when I turn away.  I don’t think my boss‘ believe I run that tight of a ship, even though I proudly do, so maybe that box would be more appropriate with the picture from box 6.  So we are gonna switch boxes 1 and 2, and the pictures from boxes 4 and 6…you know what… this meme really isn’t an accurate portrayal of my experience after all.  Just forget about it.  Hope you enjoyed.  I enjoyed trying at least.