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New Orleans Environment

“Who hoots for you?”

“Who hoots for you?” by Ross Baringer You don’t have to spend much time in a cypress swamp to realize that every inch of the place is overflowing with life. Millions of organisms are whirling along the repetitive course of their little life-cycles – birth, life, death, rebirth rolling on and on in perpetuity. Things both…

Southern Louisiana. ‘Our Natural History in Verse’

Southern Louisiana ‘Our natural history in verse’ by Josh Jack A land shaped in a welter of silt and mud churned from the heart of the continent by the Mighty Mississippi: gouged by rivers, bayous, and canals, and stitched together by the knees of the Bald Cypress. When the floods came they heaped and scoured…

An Easter Egg for Louisiana Bird Lovers

An Easter Egg for Louisiana Bird Lovers by Ross Baringer   Spring is a season long associated with renewal and new life, and the egg has always been a symbol of that season. People have been decorating eggs as part of spring rituals since ancient times, as evidenced by engraved ostrich eggs found in Africa which…

Honey Island Kayak Swamp Drone Footage

It was a little tighter in the swamps to get drone footage, so we have to keep something for a surprise!

Manchac Kayak Swamp Tour Drone Footage

A quick little video showing a glimpse into the Manchac Kayak Swamp Tour.  We can’t show you the whole thing 😉

Arrowhead (Duck Potato)

Arrowhead — Sagittaria species Arrowhead was a favorite food of many Native North American tribes. All thirty some varieties or species of arrowhead (Sagittaria), members of the Water Plantain Family (Alismatacea), are edible and can be used in the same ways. Arrowhead is also known as duck potato, arrowleaf, swan potato, wapatoo, wappato, katniss, swamp potato, and…

Palmetto Utility and Swamp Fashion

All throughout the swamps of southeastern Louisiana the most memorable understory shrub is the Dwarf Palmetto. Out of 2500 plus varieties of palm in the world, this is one of only a dozen native to the United States. Looking back to the civil war days, during tough times, palmetto hats became commonplace across the south….

Secrets of the Gulf

Nature and Tree Nerd If you’re a nature/tree nerd such as myself then listen up, you may find this story interesting. Back in 2013, a sonar scan of the gulf floor got a strange reading off the coast of Alabama. From the reading, it appeared that several hundred lumpy structures were protruding from the ocean…

Louisiana Land Loss

Louisiana Land Loss I sat down with a man tonight.  He has lived in Southeastern Louisiana his entire life.  At 65 years of age, he lived in a Louisiana before the highway era.  This was a time between the states golden age as a commercial powerhouse and its new emergence as the unspoken capital of southern hospitality.  At one point, New Orleans was the 4th most productive port of commerce in the world.  Because of poor planning and ill-advised infrastructuring of its waterways, especially regarding the great Mississippi River, Louisiana now finds itself in a fragile position of coastal reclamation.  Long story short, the coast is disappearing at an alarming rate.  Our state holds 40% of the nations wetlands and experiences 90% of all coastal wetland loss in the lower 48.  Louisiana loses upwards of 35 square miles of coastal…