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Meet a New Orleans Local Guide

Your guide is passionate about sharing the beauty, ecology, history and conservation of the Honey Island Swamp or Manchac & Maurepas swamp with you on your kayak tour. Dive into the stories behind the oars with our “Paddle Profilers: Kayak Guide Biographies” series. Get to know the passionate individuals who navigate you through the waterways of New Orleans. From their first strokes in a kayak to mastering the art of storytelling amidst the swamps, explore the unique journeys and expertise that each guide brings to your kayaking adventure. Join us in unveiling the human stories behind the paddles, discovering the personalities who transform a simple kayak tour into an unforgettable exploration of the Crescent City’s aquatic wonders.

Kayak Trip New Orleans to Baton Rouge

New Orleans to Baton Rouge by Kayak In March of 2017 a small crew of adventurers, assembled by swamp guide and filmmaker Ross Baringer, will embark on a 100 mile expedition to journey from Baton Rouge to New Orleans entirely by water.  The crew will paddle kayaks and canoes through some of the most beautiful…

New Orleans Guide / Artist Ray Swaney

My name is Ray Swaney and I live to create art, representative, surreal, cubist, and completely abstract.  I am also a poster designer, and a slam poet.  Feel free to check out my online art blog for some art, poetry, and large temporal gaps between blog entries.  Cheers