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Kayak Trip New Orleans to Baton Rouge

New Orleans to Baton Rogue Kayak Route

New Orleans to Baton Rouge by Kayak

In March of 2017 a small crew of adventurers, assembled by swamp guide and filmmaker Ross Baringer, will embark on a 100 mile expedition to journey from Baton Rouge to New Orleans entirely by water.  The crew will paddle kayaks and canoes through some of the most beautiful bayous, rivers, and lakes in Louisiana over the course of several days, camping along the water at night. Documentary cameras will film the trip in an effort to capture the raw beauty of wild Louisiana and inspire the next generation of eco-tourists to explore and protect these environments. Experts in local ecology and archeology will meet up with our crew along the way to explain what is at stake if the current rate of wetland erosion continues unchecked, and locals who live on the rivers and bayous will offer their unique perspective on life in one of the most rapidly disappearing environments on the planet, altogether painting a picture of the past, present, and future of swamp life in Louisiana.

Adventurer and Film Documentarian
-Ross Baringer