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Top 3 Team Bonding Activities in New Orleans: Pedal, Paddle, and Cycle Your Way to Team Unity


New Orleans, a city pulsating with culture and history, also shines as a prime spot for corporate team bonding. Here, we explore the top three team bonding activities in the Big Easy. From pedal barges to kayak tours, each offers an unforgettable experience, now enhanced with the fun addition of “Swamp Bingo.”

1. Nola Pedal Barge – Pedal and Play Swamp Bingo

What is it? offers an exciting pedal-powered barge adventure. Ideal for teams seeking to combine fun, fitness, and cooperation, it’s an engaging way to navigate the scenic New Orleans waterways.

Why it’s great for team bonding:

  • Team Coordination: Synchronized pedaling boosts teamwork.
  • Swamp Bingo: Add an extra layer of fun with our exclusive Swamp Bingo game, spotting wildlife and landmarks.
  • Breathtaking Scenery: A unique perspective of New Orleans from its beautiful waterways.

Perfect for: Teams that enjoy a physical challenge mixed with sightseeing and playful competition.

2. Nola Kayak Tours – Paddle Through Nature with Swamp Bingo

What is it? Nola Kayak Tours offers guided kayak tours in the tranquil swamps and waterways surrounding New Orleans. It’s a blend of adventure, education, and natural beauty.

Why it’s great for team bonding:

  • Peaceful Team Building: The serene environment is perfect for fostering team connections.
  • Swamp Bingo Challenge: Enhance the experience with Swamp Bingo, identifying various animals and plants.
  • Customized Experiences: Tailor your tour to include specific team-building exercises or environmental education.

Perfect for: Nature-loving teams seeking a calm yet engaging bonding activity.

3. Nola Bike Bar – Cycle, Connect, and Celebrate

What is it? introduces a unique, eco-friendly way to explore New Orleans. Your team can pedal together on a multi-passenger bike bar through the city’s vibrant streets.

Why it’s great for team bonding:

  • Collaborative Cycling: Requires teamwork and coordination.
  • City Exploration: Discover famous neighborhoods and landmarks.
  • Relaxed Social Setting: Ideal for open conversations and shared laughs.

Perfect for: Teams looking for a relaxed, social experience that combines sightseeing with a bit of exercise.


Team bonding in New Orleans offers more than just traditional activities. With Nola Pedal Barge and Nola Kayak Tours now featuring Swamp Bingo, and the social cycling experience at Nola Bike Bar, teams can enjoy a mix of adventure, teamwork, and the enthralling charm of New Orleans. Each activity provides a distinct and memorable way to strengthen team bonds. Get ready for a team-building adventure that’s as unique and lively as the city itself!