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Jerf’s weekly review

Frady’s One Stop

There are very few places in the Bywater that have the neighborhood charm comparable to Frady’s One Stop Food Store.  It’s basically a crowded hallway with a counter and a kitchen, but is a vital organ of the community.  Their kitchen serves the classics;  po-boys, beans and rice, macaroni, pork chops, dirty rice, chicken, sausage and all day breakfast.  The catcher for me is the “grumpy old man”  which consists of 2 eggs any way, potatoes or corn grits, toast and your choice of meat all for $5.50.

This tiny corner stop is always bustling with folks coming in and out with unmatched banter between workers and regulars.  It has a timeless appeal that makes you want to slow down and speed up at the same time.  The ideal spot to grab a smoke and a paper, order some breakfast and observe the quiet, eccentric madness of the Bywater neighborhood.