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Discover the Rich World of Louisiana’s Inshore Saltwater Fishing

Set sail on an angling quest, oh so grand, In Louisiana’s waters, a fisherman’s dreamland. With species diverse and waters so thrilling, A top destination for enthusiasts, it’s fulfilling.

Our website, a guide, comprehensive and true, To Louisiana’s fish, the redfish, and speckled trout too. From flounder to black drum, sheepshead to explore, Each species meticulously detailed, information galore.

Average sizes and fights, in waters they spin, For seasoned anglers and novices, a win. Equip yourself well for your fishing delight, With the tools we provide, your future looks bright.

Whether a pro with experience vast, Or a beginner whose skills are still in the cast, Our website’s your companion, a beacon so bright, To make your Louisiana fishing truly out of sight.

Don’t tarry, don’t stall, make haste, don’t delay, Book a kayak fishing tour with us today. Uncover the species in waters diverse, With knowledge and gear, your journey’s a verse.

An extraordinary, unforgettable trip lies ahead, In Louisiana’s waters, where dreams are widespread.

Redfish fishing in Louisiana – A Thrilling Sight Casting Experience

a man holding a fish swimming under water

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping experience as you engage in sight casting for trophy redfish in the shallow marshes and canals of Delacroix, Louisiana. Accompanied by our expert guides, you’ll venture to the most productive spots, armed with gold spoons, top waters, and soft plastics to reel in these tenacious game fish. Fly fishing enthusiasts, remember to bring your fly rod along, as we gladly welcome you on our half-day trips. During your excursion, you might also hook speckled trout, flounder, sheepshead, and black drum, adding layers of excitement to your fishing adventure.

Savor the Hunt for Speckled Trout in Louisiana Speckled Trout Fishing in Louisiana

a hand holding a fish

The speckled trout, renowned for its acrobatic top-water battle and tasty eating, ranks as one of Louisiana’s most coveted game fish. These fish go by various names, such as spotted sea trout, specks, yellow-mouths, and paper-mouths, and are easily recognizable by their silver hue with olive-green shades on their back and numerous small black dots extending from the dorsal fin to the tail. Speckled trout predominantly feast on small crustaceans, shrimp, and tiny fish like pogies and croakers. They prefer the shallow coastal areas with sandy and muddy bottoms, making the abundant bays and lakes of South Louisiana ideal for chasing these elusive fish.

Grouper Fishing – A Thrilling Challenge in Louisiana Grouper Fishing in Louisiana

a man holding a fish in the water

If you seek a heart-pounding and exhilarating fishing adventure in Louisiana, look no further than grouper fishing. With several species available year-round, you can target these imposing fish using live or dead bait on the ocean floor or try your luck with a jig. The sheer power required to reel in a large grouper makes this experience unforgettable. Do not miss out on this remarkable fishing escapade in Louisiana’s stunning waters.

Snapper Fishing – Beyond the Red Snapper in Louisiana Snapper Fishing in Louisiana

a hand holding a fish swimming under water

While red snapper holds a prominent place in Louisiana’s offshore waters, there’s a world of snapper species to discover. Louisiana boasts a rich diversity of snapper, including mangrove snapper, lane snapper, vermilion snapper, and queen snapper, which you’ll encounter while fishing in these waters.

Flounder Fishing – A Year-Round Pursuit in Louisiana Flounder Fishing in Louisiana

a close up of a person holding a fish

Experience excellent flounder fishing year-round with LA Charters, reaching its peak in October and November. The Louisiana Gulf Coast is a hotspot for flounder, especially during these months. These flatfish migrate to sand flats, following the natural ebb and flow of the Mississippi River, to feed on baitfish.

Flounder are often caught unintentionally while targeting redfish and speckled trout, as they are known to take the same baits and lures. Whether you’re aiming for flounder specifically or as a bonus, these fish offer thrilling sport fishing during your trip.

Black Drum Fishing – A Coveted Game Fish in Louisiana Black Drum Fishing in Louisiana

a person holding a fish in the water

Black drum are highly sought-after game fish in Louisiana and can be found in various inshore and offshore locations. These robust fish are prized for their intense battles and delectable meat.

Sheepshead Fishing – A Unique Experience in Louisiana Sheepshead Fishing in Louisiana

a fish located in a body of water

Sheepshead is an intriguing fish species that inhabits Louisiana’s waters. Their distinctive appearance features a broad body with wide, grayish-black vertical bars against a light gray or white background. Identifying them is made easier by their teeth, which resemble those of humans or sheep. Be cautious when handling them, as their dorsal and anal fins are armed with large, sharp spines.

One of the most captivating aspects of sheepshead biology is their diverse diet. They are opportunistic feeders, consuming a wide range of prey, including plants, algae, mollusks, crustaceans, worms, and fish. They also occasionally feed on sea grasses and algae when available.

Sheepshead spawn from February to April, with peak spawning during March and April. While spawning occurs offshore but near the coast, females can lay anywhere from 14,000 to 250,000 eggs per spawn. Females grow more rapidly than males, with growth slowing significantly after reaching 6 to 8 years of age.

Sheepshead is a fascinating and unique fish species that is well worth targeting on your next Louisiana fishing trip. Ensure you handle them with care and adhere to local regulations regarding catch limits and size restrictions.