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Best things to do this January in New Orleans


Wintertime fun in New Orleans


Nothing is as satisfying as a hot bowl of Vietnamese soup, known as Pho (pronound “fuh”), on cool damp January days in New Orleans. If you’ve ever had pho, you know that this soup is both light and nutritious, served in portions large enough to be a main course for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Traditionally served as a breakfast item, the soup features a rich caramel colored bone broth spiced with ginger, onions, and anise, and then served with thinly sliced beef, fresh basil, bean sprouts, and rice noodles.
With a large Vietnamese enclave living in and around New Orleans, there are many pho options to choose from. If you’re staying around the CBD, check out Pho Tau Bay, or Orleans Viet Bistro. The Garden District and Uptown features Lilly’s Cafe on Magaine street, a favorite laid back environment. And if you’re willing to travel a bit further, try heading to the West Bank for Tan Dihn Restaurant. While you’re out there be sure to check out Jean Laffitte Preserve for a stroll through the Cypress trees.
If you’re staying out in New Orleans East, don’t miss the infamous Dong Phoung Restaurant and Bakery. They serve a delicious bowl of pho as well iconic Vietnamese pastries, meat pies, and Bahn Mi sandwhiches. Bayou Sauvage nature refuge is just a bit further down highway 90, featuring a beautiful marsh ecosystem and a great spot for some winter birdwatching.