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3 of the Best New Orleans activities for couples this Valentines Day

A heart with a couple kayaking in the swamps in new orleans for valentines day

Best of New Orleans for couples

by Jeffrey Chitek

As a single male that spends most of his time at home behind a computer screen, avoiding the world and its women outside his front door, I find its my duty to provide a little list for the lovers out there of activities to keep the romance going this winter in New Orleans.

Winter in New Orleans is home to some very mild and pleasant coastal weather so bring your cute jackets and scarfs and definitely do not rule out any outdoor activities.

National WWII Museum   World War 2 was one of our planets sexiest historical events, that’s a fact.  I challenge you to sit through the film, produced and narrated by Tom Hanks (also sexy) without sneaking to the back row for a make-out session.  All jokes aside, this museum is WORLD CLASS.  It is a thorough and fact-forward account of the events leading up to, during and following our planets brutal and era defining conflict.  Perfect activity for a rainy winter day with your baby sharing a bit of world history and growing mutual interests because hey, those that LEARN together, YEARN each other.

a person standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera

Stroll through City Park    City Park is THE MOST beautiful sector of the city in my opinion.  Stretching across more acreage then Central Park in New York, City Park boasts a 24 hour beignet cafe, an amusement park, a mini putt course, a bird sanctuary, a sculpture garden, a botanical garden, a frisbee golf course and much more.  Couples can take a romantic gondola ride through the bayou and make out in the back with a face full of powdered sugar as they watch the 300 year old live oak trees and varietal waterfowl go by.  By night, the park illuminates during the holiday season with its celebration in the oaks , a very impressive and strange holiday light display that brings you to another world.  City Park is most definitely a place for lovers because hey, those that EXPLORE together, love MORE together.


Kayak Swamp Tour    The bayous and wetlands surrounding New Orleans make up the most dynamic and uniquely featured delta landscape in North America.  Getting outside of the city and into nature is ESSENTIAL during your stay…and let me tell you.. it’s romantic.  Winter is an exceptional season for paddling lovebirds, and bird watchers alike.  The Manchac Mystic Wildlife Tour runs through the 2nd largest cypress swamp in the country and has stunning views of wildlife and iconic landscapes.  Kayaking through the Louisiana swamp is for lovers because, hey, those who PADDLE together, don’t BATTLE each other.

I hope you enjoyed my list…please check back for more New Orleans tips for lovers by me, Jeffrey, a single man.